Live Game Notes – Orioles 1 at Blue Jays 2

Live Game Notes – Jesse Litsch Disproves Naysayers in Debut 

Dispite the Talking Heads of Toronto area sportscasters who believed that Jesse Litsch didn’t belong in the Majors  the youngster from Florida proved all naysayers wrong in a dominating performance last night at Rogers Centre.

In a lightning quick game in which Oriole starter Daniel Cabrera and Jesse “Opie” Litsch matched pitch for pitch to shut down the opposing teams lineups it is of special note of Litsch’s stats performance.  He started off the first inning with three straight balls and Oriole leadoff man Brian Roberts made his way around to score.  He led off the sixth inning with 6 straight balls and when the Orioles seemed ready to get to the kid he was able to retire the side on the next 2 pitches.

Litsch’s sinkerball had the Orioles gounding out all night.  Litsch induced 21 ground ball outs and three double plays.  He walked three.’  There also seemed to be an inordinate amount of broken bats by the Orioles.’  A hard sinker on the hands must be the rookie righty’s best pitch.  He threw in the low 90’s and mixed in the odd off-speed pitch or curveball.  The Orioles managed only 5 singles off Litsch. 

After retiring the first two batters in the 9th Litsch walked Tejada and was then pulled by Manager Gibbons.’  New Jays closer came in and gave up a hit to bring the tying run to third but was able to get a Melvin Mora ground out to end the game.’ 

Alex Rios led off the game with a home run for the second time in a week.’  Wells and Thomas both went 0-for.’  Troy Glaus knocked in the winning run with two outs for the second straight night.’ 

It was announced today that Litsch will stay in the rotation.’  He was called up from AA New Hampshire and was not with the Blue Jays major league camp in Spring Training.’  Tomo Ohka will be joining the bullpen.

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2 replies on “Live Game Notes – Orioles 1 at Blue Jays 2”
  1. says: Kman

    I hardly see one start proving all the naysayers wrong. I hope the annoucement for his rotation spot isn’t a guarenteed, year long stint based off of one start.
    I can’t see Listch being a great impovement over Ohka (on the field). I can live with skipping a level if you’re dominate for a period of more than a month, yet last season he had more than a 5.00+ ERA in AA with a .309 BA against. At least he’s gaining experience & JP is using some youth. I think with his stuff, he’ll end up like many Toronto hurlers upon debut. He’ll be decent his first 7+ starts around the league but once the book gets out he’ll start to get tagged. Inside info: his fastball is actually a 4-seamer with some cut, not a sinker.

    I hope bluebird fans aren’t laying the Cy Young at his feet already…

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