Mac Alex visits Mop Up Duty

Mac Alex visits Mop Up Duty


How’s this for the laze?

Who’s Mac Alex? The gist is that he’s a half-decent text-to-speech voice for the new Mac operating system that we’ll be testing out.

Over the course of the week I’ll add an mp3 file to the bottom of certain posts (those with a text focus). After that we’ll evaluate the number of hits and/or the feedback we receive in the comment forms (so let us know).

Don’t think so much as a podcast (which will probably come eventually), this is just a tool for those that have some impairments, enjoy listening in their car or for those of us that are just plain lazy.

This time around we’ll use the text of Calman’s Keith Law Valentine’s day post, where Cal asked Mr.Law about developing catchers.

To listen you can use the built in player which will automatically play the mp3 on the page


Or you can download the MP3 through this link.


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