Mexican League Goings On

Jose Lima

Last night Jose Lima pitched a tidy 7 innings for his first win of the season.  Saltillo defeated Monclova 4-0, while Lima had 6 K’s, 1BB 3H and 0ER, lowering his ERA to 1.50 on the season.  If he keeps this up it won’t be long before he is back in the show.

In other news, most major league rosters are being set as we speak and many of the Mexican Leaguers are being optioned to their respective teams from spring camps with the big boys.  Of the 54 in total, there are a few notable names:

Giovanni Carrara – former Dodger

Pascual Coco – former Blue Jay

Valerio De Los Santos – former Blue Jay

Kit Pellow

Juan Acevedo – Former Detroit Closer

Nate Bland – Bland is a former Astros prospect who had a cup of coffee with the team as a lefty specialist in 2003.  He gets to play in Tijuana which could be a curse.  It is crazy to think how one can go from pitching in front of 40,000 fans in the bigs and in only a short time be pitching in the Mexican League. Baseball sure is a crazy sport, I wish these guys the best….but I don’t feel bad for them, they are making a living playing a game.

Antonio Osuna made another appearance for Quintana Roo last night, pitching one scoreless inning while giving up 3 hits…… in a non save situation and they ended up losing 6-4 due to former Yankees prospect Donzell McDonald’s big night at the plate.  Ismael Valdes is not expected to join the team until later in the season.
That’s it, that’s all!!


#100, you don’t see that very often in baseball do you?

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2 replies on “Mexican League Goings On”
  1. says: Kman

    Interesting stuff. Does the Mexican League have a country born player quota like the CFL does? It seems like many of the returning players you listed were born in Mexico itself. Or is just better at the gates to have some home town heros?

  2. says: Callum

    Like Japan, they are only allowed a certain number of foreign players. Out of a 28 man roster, no more than 5 can be foreign.

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