Mop Up Duty Roundtable Part 1

Mop-Up Duty Roundtable Part 1 


With everyone tuning into the Super Bowl & the K-Fed commericals tonight, we figured we’d go a little light and entertain you (hopefully) with part one of the Mop Up Duty roundtable. Taking part in our first ever roundtable is our stable of regulars, Kman, Callum, & Early. Enjoy!



What team will be the biggest disapointment in 2007?


St. Louis Cardinals:

Coming off a World Series win, the pressure will be high. They slid like crazy towards the end of 2006, and I think they still have a number of issues across the board. Rolen & Edmonds, and Izzy are now a year older, which is trouble considering their individual injury history. The rotation lost a steady Suppan, but gains a full year of Reyes and Wainwright. On the other hand, the bullpen losses Wainwright. Pujlos is still the man, but he can’t do it by himself. Larussa is still Larussa, but I think the magic takes 2007 off. I’d be surprised if they were five games over .500. Scary thing is, this might take the division. But if they miss the playoffs, I wouldn’t be too surprised.



Minnesota Twins

The loss of Liriano and Radke really hurts them. Their replacements are the unproven (and very young) Matt Garza and the oft-troubled Sidney Ponson. I have also heard rumblings of a Santana trade so that they can get some value before he heads into his contract year. If that happens they will fall right off the map. I expect both Mauer and Morneau to regress next season and a playoff berth is highly unlikely.



St. Louis Cards – no repeat here, they will be middle of the pack again and be out of contention by labour day


Who will be the top positional & pitching Canadians in 2007?


Best Hitter: Jason Bay

I’d take Jason Bay ahead of the reigning AL MVP anyday. Jason has had no protection over the past three years, and yet he’s still produced. With Bay likely hitting infront of LaRoche and a healthy Nady, he’s more likely to see some pitches in the strike zone. Look for 40 HR, plus is usual 100 Runs, RBI’s, and walks.

Best Pitcher: Adam Loewen

Big risk here, but I have a feeling that Loewen will find some control this season. And that’s all he needs to dominate. Close second is Jeff Francis. Gagne is of course the wild-card in the mix.


Best Hitter:

Justin Morneau

Unlike Kman, I can’t really foresee Jason Bay hitting 40 bombs just because of the presence of LaRoche and Nady. As I said before, I expect Morneau to regress, however at the end of the season he will still be the definitive Canadian offensive player.

Best Pitcher:

Erik Bedard

Kman got the team right but my lefty pick is Bedard. His ERA and WHIP continue to go down while his K/BB ratio and IP continue to climb. Erik has been the victim of some untimely injuries in the past and I expect him to put it all together this year.

Can’t see anyone being close to Morneau this year.  Also, Jeff Francis is due to have a strong but quiet year in the mountains


Who will be the first manager to lose his job in 2007?



Mike Hargrove, Seattle Mariners:

The typical status quo in the MLB is the manager taking the fall for stupid head office moves. This season will be no exception, and I expect Hargrove to get canned earlier. From reports at ESPN,etc he’s on thin ice already. Managing this collection of overpaid players (Beltre) and Mexican league hopefuls, Mikey’s caught out in the rain without an umbrella.


Clint Hurdle

Like Kman I agree that Hargrove is the victim of Bavasi’s bonehead moves but I am worried at their willingness to sturbbornly stand by him. Hurdle has been around for far too long with a roster that is in shambles from year to year and I expect him to be the victim of a change for cosmetic reasons.



Look for whoever stumbles out of the blocks in the AL East to lose his job.  Torre is probably lucky to still have a spot, Francona will be under direct fire from last years disapointment and John Gibbons seems to have good days and bad days as a manager. 


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