OUA Baseball Finals – Game 3

OUA Baseball Finals – Game 3

OUA Baseball Championship Trophy

With the series tied 1-1, Brock and Western square off in the sudden death final of the OUA Baseball Championship.

Badgers Eat Babies

In the final game of the double dip Brock sent starter Anthony Arnoneto the Hill while Western countered with LHP Jordan Townshend.

Jordan Townshend

Townshend was wild early on, walking Brock hitters Mike Walker and Dan Baribeau consecutively. He was able to escape the jam though. Brock’s pitcher was sharp early on, hitting his spots. He possesses fringy stuff, but a great feel for pitching. Kind of a Josh Towers type.. if he misses his spots he gets hit hard. A definite flyball pitcher.

I noticed that #00 Mike Welbourne is catching both games of the double header. Hardcore.

In the 2nd inning, Brocks best friend rears his ugly head. Western’s third baseman Alexander Carducci makes a throwing error, trying to guide an off balance throw to first. This is his fourth error of the day. Arnone continues to get hit hard and Scott Price is called to warm in the pen.
Scott Price

In the 3rd inning, shadows come into play as it is late October. Townshend is benefitting from this, missing bats due to hitters unable to pick up his breaking pitches. Arnone stikes out 2 in the inning, causing Scott Price to cool his heels. Arnone is very inconsistent.

In the 5th, Alexander Carducci redeems himself somewhat by making a stellar diving play at third base. Brock counters with a stellar defensive play of its own, this time a sensational running catch in LF by Mike Walker.

Mike Walker

In the 5th Townshend is also chased replaced by Andrew Bergmann, who got lit up by Brock in game 1. To say this guy is wild and erratic is an understatement. No clue why the Western coach went with this guy unless he has no arms.

The 6th inning sees Scott Price head to the mound after Arnone gets into a bases loaded jam with none out.

Scott Price

Price is able to get a weak ground ball to force the out at home. Brock then makes a defensive screw up, but Price is able to get out of the jam with only one run allowed.

Scott Price

In the 7th it is 3 up 3 down for Price as he cuts through the Mustang hitters like a buzzsaw. It makes one wonder why he didn’t get the start? Hindsight is 20/20 though.

Scott Price

Much of the same for Price in the 8th as he dominates the overmatched Western hitters. The Brock hitters are unable to get anything going as well as the score remains 2-1.

Here we go, the big finish. Are you ready?
Top of the 9th, Korie Assiveropinch hits and almost ties it with one swing, hitting it to the warning track for an out.

Korie Assivero

With one out Brock works a BB. Headcase Andrew Bergman throws a wild pitch allowing the runner to advance 2 bases. Bergman then walks the bases loaded. In comes Jeff Newnes to pitch for Western. A sac fly, bunt or base hit ties or puts Brock ahead in the 9th. But, it was not meant to be. With the bases loaded and Brock’s season on the line, the last Brock hitter grounded into an unlikely double play and game/championship over. Your 3 times in a row OUA champs, the Western Mustangs.

Final Score

Western OUA Champions 2007

Moonrise over Labatt Park

Labatt Park

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