Pettitte To The Yankees

Pettitte To The Yankees


Andy Pettitte has reportedly just signed with the Yankees which could have an even greater implication on the Jays and the AL East division in general.  Since Pettitte is now a Yankee, could Clemens be that far behind? Clemens did decide to play in Houston because of his family but also so that he could play with one of his good friends, Andy Pettitte. If this season is actually going to be his swan song (if he does play at all) I could see him wanting to finish it in a Yankees uniform while having a legitimate chance to retire with another World Series Championship. If that happens…. the Jays are in big trouble. 


With the most competitive division in basebally getting an injection of arms such as Matsuzaka, Pettitte, Clemens, Kei Igawa and Papelbon as a starter, the Jays are in tough competing with a back end of Chacin, Marcum, McGowan/Towers.  This only increases the sense of urgency for the Jays to bolster their starting rotation.   With all of this talk of trading Wells, I don’t think that is entirely necessary.  A Richard Griffin of the Star says, why don’t the Jays take the saved money and sign Wells, trading spare parts, many of which are valued by other teams — Dustin McGowan, Adam Lind, Shaun Marcum, Jeremy Accardo or Casey Janssen — for a No.3-4 starter with three to five years of service who costs a few million dollars until your own studs are ready (which studs are you talking about Richard?) It’s like the decision to use a colon when a semi-colon will suffice.


And now, the complaint about being a small market team unable to compete with the big boys doesn’t work with a payroll in the 90 million range. It is time to put up or shut up.

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10 replies on “Pettitte To The Yankees”
  1. says: Kman

    Are the spare parts, aside from Lind, valued by other teams? I don’t think the Jays would get alot of value with that handful of players. I can’t see any arb 3-4’s either, maybe a Russ Ortiz but that’s about it.

    $16 million is a ton for Pettite, but the Yanks have the cash. Jays are looking royally screwed right now. Time to load up on the bullpen, as that’s about the only value left.

    Here’s a list, who’s hasn’t signed yet?

    Villone (can start if needed)
    Zito – might be time to roll up the $18+
    El Duque
    Chan Ho

    Is the market tapped of cash yet? With the Dodgers, Yankees, & Red Sox throwing the cash around, who’s left to spend? Or is everyone spending?

  2. says: Callum

    I know the Jays fallback options are Suppan and Redman, but they are also being pursued by the likes of the Phillies and a few other teams. Out of the fire and into the frying pan, so to speak. I wouldn’t mind Ohka, Duque re-signed with the Mets. Word on the street is Garland might be available, though I have never liked him.

  3. says: Jeeves

    The crazy thing about the Pettite contract is it has a PLAYER option for the year after.

    I’m not going to try and sway you on Garland as he’s been inconsistent for a long time, but over the course of the second half, he was our best pitcher, and I realize wins is one of the worst indicators of good pitching, but he’s racked up the most wins over the last three years (partially cuz Doc has been hurt). so you could do worse than Garland.

  4. says: Kman

    I thought that the Sox would have had a great steal of a deal with the Astros. Garland for Taveras, Hirsh & Buckholtz. I don’t care too much for Willy, but Hirsh & Buckholtz would have been nice.

    I think Williams in Chicago has the right idea, he’s trying to make the team younger and at the same time, still be able to compete.

    Jeeves is right about Garland winning games and in brining up Doc’s injury history, I think it does give a nod to Garland’s ability to stay off the DL.

    I think the cost for Garland would probably include Vernon, which I don’t think is a good value for the Jays. But that may be where their at right now.

  5. says: Callum

    This just in….. Marquis signs with the …….Cubs. 3 years, 7 million a year!!!! For a 6.02 ERA. Basically a 1:1 K:BB ratio. 3-10 after the All-Star break. Sounds like he is getting paid for his one good season… 2 years ago.

    The Cubs have already made a big splash in free agency, signing Henry Blanco, Mark DeRosa, Ted Lilly, Wade Miller, Aramis Ramirez, Alfonso Soriano, and Kerry Wood to a combined $272.5 million in contracts.

    This is getting out of control.

  6. says: Kman

    But according to Earl and JP, the cubs aren’t interested in winning. No good Lilly left the win behind when he didn’t sign with Toronto.

    $272 million. Wow. Guess they have the money (sellouts, high ticket prices, TV & Radio through WGN). But for that collection of players, what are they going to do? Blanco, Marquis & Miller are pretty piss poor. Lilly is a middle of the rotation guy, Derosa has had 1 good season, and Wood is injury prone.

  7. says: Callum

    I think this is pretty much Hendry’s last chance before he gets the axe so he is signing anyone with a heartbeat and hoping for the best. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sosa makes a return.

  8. says: daperman

    I agree with Calman. Cubs would be more interested in winning if they would rebuild instead of waiting for studs to get over arm injury, instead of spending huge money on Blanco Marquis Miller Lilly. It ain’t my money so I don’t really care how much they spend but I don’t think we will see the Cubs as a strong contender (they are in a really weak divison) with this batch of FAs.

  9. says: Callum

    The Royals/Blue Jays feud has officially been reignited.

    “When a guy talks about coming to our place where he has a chance to win and compete against the Yankees and the Red Sox,” Ricciardi told USA Today, “and then he goes to a place like Kansas City, that’s an eye-opener.”

    Royals manager Buddy Bell, among others in Kansas City, took offence.

    “(Ricciardi) is an interesting guy for all that he’s done in the game,” Bell told the Kansas City Star. “He’s a little guy with a big mouth and all he does is whine. And you can write that. That’s the kind of crap in this game that drives me crazy. He knows nothing about our situation. You’ve got to be kidding me. Every time I hear this guy talk, all he’s doing is whining.”

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