Quick Jays Update 03/28/09

Quick Jays Update 03/28/09


After a sub-par outing earlier in the week Brad Mills is probably on the outside looking in concerning the 2009 rotation. Richmond had a decent start the other day and has probably locked in a spot due to his age and the relatively small future arbitration concern that he presents going forward.

The Jays shipped Jason Lane down to the minors. I’ve voiced my opinion a few times on keeping Kevin Millar (ie I’m not a fan of it). To Lane’s credit he’s, at least publicly, taking the demotion like a man. From Bastain:

I felt like I had a chance to make the team,” said Lane, who signed a Minor League contract in January. “That’s why I signed here. I felt like if I came in and competed and did well that I’d have a spot, but it just didn’t work out.

Curtis Thigpen is no longer a bluebird. Traded for a bag of balls, Thiggy should have a chance to play for the A’s at some-point in 2009 in a backup role. Thiggy received some opportunities but the lack of consistent playing time at the MLB level during his call-ups didn’t help matters. We’ll see what happens going forward. Jays fans shouldn’t lose any sleep over this trade.

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