Rants & Observations: May 3rd, 2007

Rants & Observations: May 3rd, 2007


Fausto Carmona 


This time around the best defensive SS in baseball, Langerhans playing for three different teams in one week, Matt Cain could pull a Felix Hernandez, Carmona = $$$ and more!


Here’s the text from last nights Fox Scouting report on Rays pitcher Jae Seo:  “Needs to go from So-So to So Good”.  So bad¦


David Bush struggled through the first month, posting a 6.23 ERA. Yet he€™s still sporting a good EF, with only 5 BB & 2 HBP for a 2.50 ratio.


Is this the year of the double? Players struggling with the long ball are hitting a multitude of doubles (Utley, Lee, Soriano).


Opposing hitters are hitting a grand total of .109 off of Matt Cain so far this season. As with Felix Hernandez, the Giants need to watch Cain and his IPs. Last season he threw 190, and he€™s on pace to greatly surpass that total this year.


The Indians will recall Fausto Carmona to replace the injured Jake Westbrook in the Indians starting rotation. Carmoa has been amongst the best starters in the majors over his past three starts, allowing only 5 ER in 22 IP. During that stint he’s induced 46 ground balls vs 17 fly balls.


Omar Vizquel is (once again) continuing to be amongst the best defensive shortstops in the majors. He trails Adam Everett in Range Factor (5.60 to 5.34), but is ahead of Everett in DP, fielding percentage (.992 to .963) and even in Zone Rating (.920 to .898). If this keeps, Omar could be taking home another gold glove, this time at the age of 40.


Another defensive update, 21 year old Delmon Young is second in outfield assists, with 4. Leading the pack is converted infielder, Michael Cuddyer with 6.


Ryan Langerhans will be setting what I would assume would be close to some type of record. On April 29th, Langerhans went 0 for 3 as a Brave vs the Rockies. He was then traded to the A’s, and suited up for them on May 1st & 2nd. On May 3rd Langerhans got the news: he€™d been traded again, this time to the Nationals. Expect Ryan to start sometime in the next few days, putting him in three different uniforms in one week. On a side note, I really feel sorry for the clubhouse attendants. Stitching Langerhans on the back of a uniform, just to see him out the door€¦

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