Raul Mondesi’s Political Spots


Following his 13-year MLB career, Raul Mondesi became actively involved in politicsBelow are his ads urging voters to vote Mondesi.

Raul Mondesi’s activities outside of baseball are varied.  When he’s not singing lead vocals on his self-produced salsa album (which he used for his at-bat music during his time in Toronto) he’s running for political office in the Dominican Republic.  Upon retiring, Mondesi served as a provincial representative in the Dominican Republic’s Chamber of Deputies.  Following his term, Raul ran as a candidate in San Cristobal’s mayoral election and won.  Mondesi won with 56% of the vote.

Also running in the same election was fellow-former-MLB’r Jose Rijo.  Parties often use former baseball candidates as players because they are viewed as gods by the electorate.  Here are a few videos taken from Mondesi’s various election campaigns.  It helps if you speak Spanish.  Enjoy!

Thumbs up!

Mondesi campaigns in the market:

Raul shows off his master debator skills:

Mondesi gets sworn in:

Attacked by a political foe, Mondesi is called a “failure as a ballplayer and a failure as a legislator”

It takes a brave man to say that to Raaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul.

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