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Schedule Lottery Draft 

This is a bit of a continued article and can be related to an article I wrote a couple weeks back on what bothers me about the MLB.  The NHL may introduce a Schedule Lottery Draft and I thought that MLB would benfit from a similar schedule making process.

Personally, I love the idea of interleague play but I despise the way it is set up.  Also, I love the unbalanced schedule amongst teams in each league but I see how it may askew the standings.  Here is a possible solution that would be fun and may not make traditionalist cringe. 

The Schedule Lottery Draft.  This would work much the same way the player draft does except a home team picks a visitor to play home games against.  An example ofn this system a each team would get 5 rounds, to pick which team they want to play at home.  This would total 15 games.  This could be used strategically for teams expecting to contend and used financially for teams that struggle at the gate.  It also allows for more regional and traditional rivalry games.  Each team, could only be picked 5 times, so a visitor can only go on the road for 5 series.

Here is a strategic problem example, if the KC Royals were the worst team they would get the first pick of teams.  They could pick a bad team to hope to increase win totals (Tampa Bay), they could pick a star from the other league that the fans want to see (Giants and Bonds), the could pick a team that naturally increases attendance and interest (Yankees, Red Sox) or they could pick a regional rival (St. Louis).   A team could include their fans in the choices “vote online to who comes to KC next year.”

Would the Yankees pick the Mets and Red Sox for all their series? Probably not, they would love to play the Devil Rays and Pirates at Yankee Stadium infront of near automatic sellouts and probably be able to pick up a couple more wins.

What does the rest of the MUD readers think?  Would this work, would it be exciting and improve the interleague experience?

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2 replies on “Schedule Change Proposal”
  1. says: Callum

    I think don’t think it is really a solution to the problem of the unbalanced schedule, because the result will be the same. However it is a novel approach and I do like the idea of involving the fans by giving the fans a say in who they get to see, especially the weaker teams that will struggle to get fans out to the park.

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