The Original Toronto Blue Jays Theme Song

Before there was OK Blue Jays, there was this.

Mop-up Duty reader Michael Lococo submits the original Blue Jay theme song from 1977 and was the first song played for all Tom & Jerry broadcasts.  It was also played at Exhibition Stadium before OK Blue Jays came along.

Simply put, it is spectacular.  Enjoy:

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6 replies on “The Original Toronto Blue Jays Theme Song”
  1. says: Mark

    You have no idea how long I’ve been looking for this song! What an amazing flood of memories ….. great theme song, so 70s. They need to bring it back.

    1. says: Mike Lococo

      It was a shame. I was asked to write a theme song for Royals and a commercial for Labatt’s Blue. But the big money in Toronto went against me. Chum never played the song once.

  2. says: DeanHI

    Thanks for posting!! It was great to hear that old theme that started the games on the Newpex Sports Network!! Actually I almost forgot but Early Wynn was Toms broadcast partner for those first few seasons! That said it is still great to hear Jerry on today’s Sportsnet radio broadcasts.. Let’s hope the Jays can bring back the manic next season!! The last three months were so much fun,

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