Things Are A Little Intense In The Japanese League

Things Are A Little Intense In The Japanese League

Watch here as an ump gets leveled.

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7 replies on “Things Are A Little Intense In The Japanese League”
  1. Erm, that’s Chinese not Japanese. In my many years of watching Japanese baseball I’ve never seen a Japanese player do that.

    Foreign players on a Japanese team, maybe, but never a Japanese player.

    Probably Taiwan

  2. says: RC

    Need to revert to the bad old days when umps would slug it out instead of being spit on and abused.
    ::: Umpire George Moriarty vs. the White Sox (May 30, 1932)
    After the White Sox lost both ends of a doubleheader to the Indians in Cleveland, some of Chicago’s players accused ump George Moriarty of deliberately making bad calls against them. Moriarty, who’d once played for the Sox, challenged the players to a fight, and pitcher Mike Gaston accepted. Moriarty knocked Gaston down with one punch, but broke his fist in the process. At that point, White Sox manager Lew Fonseca and catchers Charlie Berry and Frank Grube jumped the ump and thrashed him good, bloodying his mouth. Fellow umpire Bill Dinneen did try to help Moriarty, but George still had some brawl left in him. “You stay out of this, Bill,” he said. “This is my fight.” Then he got up and said, “Now who else is there who thinks I’m yellow?”

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