Twins & Tigers Support AL East Argument


Over the course of the last week I’ve had the opportunity to Liveblog a couple of Detroit Tigers and Minnesota Twins games for The Score.

Each club has positives and negatives. I’m not here to debate those. What I am here to debate (maybe not debate, let’s say point out) are the split stats for each club.

Detroit Tigers

vs Central: 39 – 33
vs West 22 – 14
vs East 15 – 21

Combined AL West/East Record: 37 – 35

Minnesota Twins

vs Central: 45 – 27
vs West: 19 – 21
vs East: 10 – 22

Combined AL West/East Record: 29 – 43

For those wondering here’s how the Jays match-up. For this we’ll use outside division games (ie Central + West)

vs Central: 23 – 15
vs West: 19 – 15
vs East: 26 – 46

Combined AL West/Central Record: 42 – 30

Interesting. I’ll go on record as saying the Jays aren’t as good as the the Twins… Still, you have to win the games that are put in front you.

Additional Toronto Blue Jays Splits

Toronto played 107 games vs .500+ teams, the second highest amount in the AL (besides Oakland)

The Jays were also 21 – 28 in one run games. Every single .500+ team in the AL this season was also over .500 in one run games.

They lost the most extra inning games in the AL, losing 13 vs only 7 wins.

The clubs pythagorean record (expected wins based on run score & run allowed differential) was 83 – 76. They won 8 games fewer (75), which is second worst mark in the AL

Let’s talk Playoffs!!!1

Well, not for the Jays. The Detroit Tigers will take on the Minnesota Twins at 5pm on Tuesday. The Score will be liveblogging the one game playoff. I’ll post the direct link when I get it.

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