What is Girardi thinking?

What is Girardi Thinking?


Joba Chamberlain made his first start tonight. It wasn’t much of a start. Girardi seems happy to toss games away in a very competitve AL East. Time to fire him.

Ok, Joba Chamberlain pitched only 81 innings in the minors before studing it up last year down the stretch. Torre was very careful in how he used the 21 year old. Joba would pitch only one inning every other day, including during the Yanks playoff loss. This year Girardi, realised he would be more useful as a starter and has been weaning him into a starting role by increasing his pitch count and tossing simulated games between or even immediately after an appearance.

Today Chamberlain started his first games with similar Spring Training type restrictions. WHAT ARE THE YANKEES PROTECTING HIM FROM. Chamberlain is a grown man. He threw 62 pitches in 2.1 innings and left with a 2-1 lead. Then Giradi came out to give the big baby his soothie.

The bullpen is now depleted with Joba’s departure to the starting role. The Jays who’s typcially woeful hitting made quick work of the Yanks pen. The Bronx Zoo was disgusted. Show up to see Joba pitch, then throw the game away, way to go Joe.

It is June 3, way to early to start mailing it in. Girardi has now left his pen in the lurch which is terrible anyways. I don’t get it, why baby this guy. It is the Big Show, Girardi should be ashamed of throwing away a game like this.

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4 replies on “What is Girardi thinking?”
  1. says: Kman

    I take a different view point. There is no point potentially hurting an arm that is under control for 6+ seasons for a few games in 2008. Granted maybe they could have waited until facing a non-division rival before adding Joba to the rotation.

    Igawa has been decent in AAA and Giese is almost ready.

    I wouldn’t place all of the blame on Giardi either. I’m sure members of the “inner circle” requested a pitch count.

    With that said I’m still no Giardi fan at this point.

  2. says: daperman

    What is with this guy anyway. He has been nursed in the majors now for 2 seasons. Boo Hoo he cant pitch every day. He can only throw a certain number of pitches. Why not give him three or four starts in AAA. Why not have him leave spring training in the rotation if that is what they wanted. Why is he being babied and not Kennedy or Hughes. What is with Joba that he is treated different?? Can someone please tell me.

  3. says: Early

    Daperman – Maybe the Yanks are gun shy as Phil Hughes blew his arm out on his 171st ML pitch during a no-hitter and has been garbage this year.

    Kman – Giese is almost ready? What? He is almost ready to retire, he is a 31 yr old with 13 ML IP. Pistriped saviour.

    With all the prospects the Yanks have with good arms/good stuff they baby them and let thuds like Hawkins and Farnsworth give mop up duty a bad name.

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