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Do you play in a Yahoo Fantasy Baseball league? If you do (or any fantasy baseball league for that matter) then you already know that outside of the draft, September is the most important month for a fantasy owner. Here are four tips that will have you climbing the standings! 


Max out your games


To do this you will need to free up at least one roster spot. On most Monday’s and Thursday’s only half of the teams play games, due to the need to travel to different towns for upcoming series. Use these days to max out your games played at positions that are projected to finish the season under your leagues games played allowance. It may not seem like much, but if you do this the rest of the season you should be able to pick up 5 – 10 extra runs & rbi, which may swing an extra point your way. Catcher, shortstop, and second base are your best bets for being under the max; just make sure to check that the player that you’re going to pick up is playing on that day.



Don’t be afraid to sit a star


Manage your team based upon your category needs down the stretch. For example, I have about a twenty steal lead in one of my leagues, thus I am now sitting Chone Figgins. Don’t be afraid to sit a HR, RBI type player if you’re within seven or less steals. The same goes for closers. If you can’t move up or down in saves, sit your closers, save the innings and increase the number of starts down the stretch.


Save your innings


For the next week or so you should only start your staff ace or pitchers that are on hot steaks. The reason being? Well, many managers in your league will start to max out their innings within the next ten days. Some will bench their pitchers for the rest of the season, but others will start to release them. If you have a few innings in the bank, you will be able to pick up some quality arms in the free agent pool for use down the stretch.
Out with the old and in with the new


Now, this is a strategy that I’ve devised that is based purely on assumption. Let’s face it, a large percentage of players in the past years have been using steroids. With the new crack down, they have most likely stopped consuming them. So what, you ask? Well, my assumption is that older players have been able to rely on steroids in the past to get them through the rigors of a season, but now without this option they may be slowing down towards the end of the season. A younger player should have an advantage here, simply due to age, conditioning, and overall baseball wear and tear. Check to see if any of your veterans have started to fade in the past few weeks and adjust accordingly.

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