YouTube Baseball Card Shows

YouTube Baseball Card Shows

Hopefully this is the first of two posts today, as I’d like to comment on the upcoming Arizona Fall League season. This should be, by far, the most “nerdy” post in the history of Mop Up Duty. Anyways, I, like most, collected baseball cards in the early 1990’s. And like most, I fell out of the hobby within the span of a few years. But these guys haven’t.

Rip and Pull

A series created by one Robert Fourrlel, with snazy music to boot! In this collection of YouTube videos, Robert selects a different box of cards and opens them in front of the camera. While this might not sound overly exciting, you can’t help but feel the joy of “pulling” a cool autograph or jersey insert along with Robert. This series is also a good primer on what is going on today in the sporting card industry. Here’s a few links to some of his better episodes;

Topps 2006 Baseball Chrome

Upper Deck 2006 Sweet Spot

Bowman 2005 Baseball


Right off the start, you’ll either love or hate the presentation of these card collectors. The series is shot at a card store named the backstop, rather poorly might I add. The saving grace of this series is the entertainment value of the cast of characters and the wide array of baseball card boxes that are opened on this show.

Their #1 video, pulling a 1/1 Ruth and Dimaggio signed Upper Deck Print

2006 Upper Deck SPx

2005 Donruss Prime Patches

2006 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts

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