AAA Game Review, Scranton Yankees (08/28/08)

Game Review Scranton Yankees (08/28/08)


Another game review slash scouting report and notes from the August 28th AAA game between Scranton and Buffalo. This post will focus on the Yankees side of the equation in a game started by Philip Hughes.

Final Score: Scranton 3 Buffalo 2

Philip Hughes


Hughes had all of the Bison hitters, included Victor Martinez, looking foolish against his 75 MPH curveball. Delivered with a 15+ MPH difference from his fastball and some serious drop, Hughes used this as his out pitch with two strikes. It is very similar in speed and movement to the curve that Clayton Kershaw throws over in LA. His fastball, which stayed consistant at around 92, has good movement. As advertised Hughes had great command, striking out 7 while only walking 1. This has been Hughes fifth start in AAA since coming back from injury early in the season.

Mark Melancon


Mark Melancon finished out the game for the Yankees. Melancon (03/28/1985) has had a long and successful season in 2008, starting in high A Tampa and obviously ending the season in AAA Scranton. He has earned himself a September call-up to the majors but due to Melancon pitching 93 IP from the pen already this season I would expect the Yankees to be shut him down following the International league playoffs. Melancon brought the heat at 94 – 95 on the Buffalo gun and mixed in the occasional slider. In his 93 IP this season he’s allowed only 67 hits, 22 walks, along with 87 K and a combined 2.23 ERA. This was his first save in AAA Scranton.

Ben Broussard

Former MLB power hitter Ben Broussard has bounced around this season, starting the year in Texas after being traded from Seattle. To avoid arbitration the Rangers signed Ben to a one year, $3.85 million contract. Given under 100 PA the Rangers released the struggling first baseman on May 15th. He signed on with the Yankees and was released on June 10th. On June 12th he signed on with the Cubs but he was again released and ended back up with the Yankees on July 4th. Odd to say the least. Back to the game at hand, Broussard hit the farthest home run that I’ve seen in over 50 Bisons games over the years. This home run actually left the park itself out near the left field power alley, clearing a high security fence that is placed a ways from the outfield wall. I’ve never seen a 500 foot home run but this would have been close. On the photo I’ve marked a grey/silver star as to where the ball hit from the air. Whether it had a Mickey Mantle style roll down the street is unknown.


Melky Cabrera


Recently sent down after posting a .633 OPS, Melky Cabrera started in center for Scranton. His top notch fielding was on display and he knocked out a single, going 1 for 4. At 23 and basically having three seasons on MLB playing time under his belt, its hard to knock Melky and his less than stellar production. On his road to the major leagues in 2005 & 2006, the then 20 & 21 year old only appeared in 57 AAA games before becoming an MLB regular. To stick in New York Melky is going to have to add some extra base power to his game.

That’s it for this half. Over the weekend I will cover the Indians portion of the game and discuss what may be in store for the Buffalo franchise’s future. One thing is almost guarenteed at this point, that the Bisons will not be the affiliate of the Cleveland Indians in 2009.

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