Eisner & company buy Topps for $385.4 Million

Eisner & company buy Topps for $385.4 Million


Topps Sports Card Aquisition 


Ok, maybe this isn’t a 100% baseball issue but it does affect something, that at one point or another, was probably close to our hearts, the baseball card industry.




Topps Co has initially accepted an acquisition deal from a group lead by none other than Michael Eisner for the seemingly small sum of $385.4 million. Director, Arnaud Adler (who owns 6.6% of Topps Co), is attempting to kill the deal due to, amongst other things, what he perceives as an undervalued offer. To get a more in-depth and market driven look at this story, check out the official AP story from earlier this morning.




How will this effect forth coming Topps offerings? I’m not sure, and most likely only time will tell if the Topps brand stays the same or gets the usual “burial” treatment that Eisner is known for.

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