Eric Byrnes Puts his Foot in his Mouth

DBacks outfielder put his Foot inhis Mouth and it takes the press 24 hours to Realise

Going into tonights loss to the Rockies, Arizona DiamondBacks leftfielder says “there is noway that we were outplayed by the Rockies”

Why wasn’t the press all over him after saying this? I sawseveral times TBS and Sportsnetreplayed the statements made by the mediocre player, for reasons unknown. Byrnes is a low profile player who has spent most of his time playing in baseball backwaters in Oakland and Phoenix and the DBacks are a low profile club. There are no stories in the NL. Here was an opportunity to fire up the masses. Even tickets for the games are not at a premium demand. YAWN.

In response to Byrbes reporters could have said;

“Mr. Byrnes are you saying the DBackshad their ‘A’ game in the first two games and still managed to lose them both at home?”

“Mr Byrnes if your club has outplayed the Rockies are you implying the Rockies are going to get stronger?”

“How do you expect to win a single game in this series if the DBacks cannot win when they outplay the oppostion?”

“Why is this club not hitting in the clutch, and what is being done to cure this for the next game?”

It just shows, again that sportscasters merely make stories out of nothing amongst themselves. Hereis a big stinky fish ofoffield drama and the ball has been given theBill Buckner treatment by the press. They think they are real journalists but they are only good for reading fantasy stats off a teleprompter. They do not have the b*lls to ask a tough question and are never prepared with a follow up question when an athlete says something so untrue or dilusional as Mr. Byrnes did. It seemsthat sports journalists are happyasking a question and being given a cliche and reportingclichesfor entertainment.

If any MLB ‘journalist’ is reading this please feel free to use the above listed templates for anytime in the future when you feel you have a compulsion to ply an athlete or manager in an interview.

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