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Today is going to be a quick day here at the Mop Up Duty. But a good one none the less. Following up on the passing of Buck O’Neil, we obtained a copy of a interview of Buck conducted by Bob Edwards (of NPR fame). This interview originally aired in February of 2005 and was replayed on October 9th on XM Radio, channel 133.

If you’ve heard Buck speak, then I already know that you are going to download this file. But if you haven’t, definitely take the 15 minutes out of your day to listen to this interview, as Buck is one of, if not the best, baseball story teller’s of all-time. This interview touches on many subjects, including O’Neil’s thoughts on becoming the first ever African American coach in professional baseball, and a few highly entertaining stories of old “Satch”, Satchel Paige.

Buck O’Neil Interview MP3

Buck O'Neil

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