HOF Recap & Jays Notes

HOF Recap & Jays Notes


Sherry Magee only received 25% of the Veteran’s committee votes (3 of 12) and thus fell short of the required 75% needed for inclusion. The only player selected for the HOF from the pre and post-1943 ballots was former Yankee and Indians second baseman Joe Gordon. Gordon was solid if not spectacular throughout his career, winning one MVP award and finishing in the top 10 in voting four other times. His career OPS+ of 120 is very good, although he falls short on every conceivable hall of fame metric. Gordon missed two prime years due to WW2. In my experience these missing seasons are given heavy weight from committee’s and voters alike. While Gordon was good during his time I have to wonder just how crowded the Hall of Fame will get in 50 years. Does a player like Joe Gordon (1530 career hits) really warrant inclusion? Congrats either way.


Rumors are floating around regarding the Jays taking a run at Rafael Furcal. I’m not sure the Jays are interested at all, as this is probably just a PR move to say “Hey, we talked but no one likes Toronto. Don’t fire me ’cause I tried. Blame the loonie!” Regardless, Furcal would have been a decent fit for the Jays. His D is solid, he brings some extra base power (45+ extra base hits five times) and some speed & much needed energy. Obviously the Jays game does not include the stolen base, so the club would lose out on this aspect of Furcal’s game. In this market I can live with a four year, $40 million contract, even for an injury bitch such as Furcal, with the contract covering the age of 31 – 34. The Jays currently have replacement level players at the SS position and the only possible minor league saviour (Jackson) is a good three years away from positively contributing as a starter.

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