I’m Sorry but Dellucci is a Bum

I’m Sorry but Dellucci is a Bum


While we do cover the Jays I’m a long time Cleveland Indians fan. Every since my first live Cleveland game back in 1991 (Canadian at par won my father over) I’ve been following the Tribe. From 2007 to the present I’ve had an MLB.TV account. This has allowed me to watch full or condensed Tribe games at a rate of about 40 per seasoon. In some respects I hope this will lend me some credence when talking about David Dellucci, as he played for the Tribe during this stretch.

Wilner wrote the following

Dellucci brings a nice three-true-outcome bat

I have no problem with three-true-outcome players. I love up my Thome, Howard, Cust, Branyan, etc. The problem with claiming Dellucci as a three-true is his AB per HR rate is over 35 vs the 15 – 18 rate that actual three-true players hold. David’s 2007 AB per HR rate was 44.5 and it was 30.5 in 2008. Assuming a 550 AB season this works out to a projected 12 HR in 2007 & 18 HR in 2008.

When watching Indians games over the past few seasons its pretty obvious that Dellucci’s bat is slow. That would explain the piss poor batting average (.230 in 2007 and .238 in 2008), low AB per HR rate (44.5 in 07, 30.5 in 08) and high overall K rate (40 in 2007 (123 pro-rate over 550 AB) and 76 in 08 (124 pro-rate in 550 AB). Quoting his historical statistics vs righties is meaningless. He’s out of his prime (35 years old) and into his down years.

What the Jays signed was a .230 hitter with little HR pop and a high K rate.

The Jays would be better off looking within to players such as Brett Harper or even searching up and down the waiver wire or even the Mexican League for a forgotten bat. Dellucci won’t give the Jays anything over a .720 OPS production rate (if that). Frankly he’s not worth the time or the effort. Bad signing this time around J.P.

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8 replies on “I’m Sorry but Dellucci is a Bum”
  1. says: Mark

    He’s more like Scott Hatteberg than the other guys you mention. Hatteberg had a terrible HR/AB rate too, but could get on with walks.

  2. says: Kman

    Oh yeah, I wasn’t putting Dellucci in that grouping, I was trying to show what a real three-outcome player was like.

    I wouldn’t even go as far as saying Hattenberg. Dellucci’s walked only 24 times in over 350 PA in 2008. His .307 OBP was aided by 11 HBP, well above his career average. Take out a few of those and his OBP would be below .300

  3. says: eyebleaf

    Shannon Stewart didn’t work out.
    Brad Wilkerson didn’t work out.
    Kevin Mench didn’t work out.

    Ricciardi’s due with one of these guys, and it will be Dellucci.


  4. says: Kman

    I can’t say I get behind that logic. Basically throw shit at the wall and hope something sticks. Maybe in past seasons but the Jays are still in a race. Spend some money or promote someone from within with more upside.

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