Jays to the Top

Humble Howard (real name Howard Glassman) is a Canadian radio personality and former co-host of Ed’s Night Party.  He can currently be heard on the morning show for Toronto’s Boom 97.3 along with partner Colleen Rusholme.

What he should really be known for is putting out one of the most god awful Blue Jays-themed songs of all time.  The song is called “Jays to the Top

Listen to it at your own risk.  It is an abomination.

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  • I’ll give him some props for giving it a go

    Still, it’s like he set his Yamaha keyboard to pre-set #21 and laid down some vocals.

    Creepy ass photo as well

  • Tight_PP

    You were talking about 500 level ticket value…and the $6 hot dogs whoaaaaa.

    The big beefy footlong, with sautee peppers and onions is $8.50.

    thats not bad inflation

  • Ian

    Not sure why, but this song kinda reminds me of the Barenaked Ladies “One Week”.