John Mellencamp and Fox can go to Hell!

Pre-game Rage

Fox pre-games are must-miss TV, that’s for sure. Commercials throughout the day had the pre-game kicking off at 7:30. Yahoo listed the first pitch at 8:05, so I’m all set. At the official game time of 8:05, I tuned in. Here comes Rogers first pitch, no wait, it’s a pitch alright. A pitch to buy a GM car! Anyone that’s been watching the playoffs has seen the poor man’s Bruce, Mr. John Mellencamp, singing in a nostalgic-style GM commercial. But now, due to the generosity of Fox, I get to watch him perform instead of watching the game. As if it’s not bad enough having to watch this commercial during baseball time, Mellencamp gets all rockstar on us and takes his sweet ass time getting out to the mic! It’s the motor city, I get that, but this is what the pre-game’s for, not a few extra NFL highlights. I have to say, I was shocked to see Mellencamp walk off the field after his performance, as I was anticipating a brand spanking new GM 4×4 to
ride him off into the dark night sky.

We’re back baseball fans, this time for the National Anthem. Yeah… It’s over, so now onto a few more commercials. I’ll give you three guess’ as to what the first commercial is. Yep “This is our Country; GM Style.”`

That’s it for me. I will now institute a new policy. I will not, under any circumstance, tune into a baseball game on Fox until I check an online play-by-play source to see that the first pitch has been thrown. In the meantime, I can go to the GM website or MTV to catch a music video or an TV spot.

Mellencamp, a GM and his country

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  • Early

    For future reference WS games start at 8:19 between 8:20, I beleive they have that extra minute depending on who is singing the anthem like when Bleeding Gums Murphy sings takes an extra minute to sing a live Star Spangled Banner.

  • Well, if so, this games first pitch was 8:25

  • Game 3 first pitch = 8:35. Unreal