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Mark Teahen



Canadian born Mark Teahen was selected as a supplemental pick in the first round of the 2002 draft by the Oakland A’s. After playing two years in the A’s system Teahen found himself being traded to the Kansas City Royals as part of the three team deal that sent Carlos Beltran to the Houston Astros.



Teahen practiced his trade in the minor leagues up until the 2005 season. After a few injuries’ and an impressive .344 spring training batting average, Teahen went on to play in 130 games in 2005 for the Royals. Teahen’s 2005 campaign was a major disappointment however, as he finished with a .246 batting average and a .685 OPS.

Coming into the 2006 season there was talk, all though brief, of fast tracking heralded prospect Alex Gordon to the majors by the end of the season to replace Teahen at third. Teahen pretty much picked up were he left off in 2005, by hitting at a below average rate. By the start of May the Royals brass had seen enough and shipped Teahen back to AAA Omaha. What was once thought to be Teahen’s best asset, in-fact turned out to be his main determent. Formerly heralded for his patience at the plate, the official word behind the move was Teahen was being too selectively at the plate. This attribute was leading to Teahen watching too many good pitches go by, thereby forcing to hit from behind in many at-bats. During his time in Omaha, Teahen adopted an aggressive approach which resulted in him destroying league pitching, hitting an even .500 in 79 at-bats. The Royals, pleased by his performance, recalled Mark to the majors at the start of June. Since his return Teahen has simply been one of the best players in the majors.


Teahen currently sits tenth in American League post all-star break OPS. He is also fourth in post all-star break RBI, which is miraculously when one considers the line-up that he plays in. Reports vary as to what is going to happen at third next season for the Royals, but one thing is for sure, Teahen has played himself into a position of strength, solidifying his place in the majors for years to come.


Update: On September 8th, 2006 Mark Teahen underwent season ending surgery on his right shoulder. While the pain had been bothering Teahen, this is seen as a more precautionary move, allowing Teahen to be 100% for spring training in 2007.

 Mark Teahen

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