MLB Hall of Fame Game Cooperstown

MLB Hall of Fame Game Cooperstown


Very rarely do we “farm out” websites and causes here at the Mop Up Duty. But this is one cause that I feel should be supported.

Save the Hall of Fame Game .com

Beginning in 1940 the hall of fame game is a strong traditions in baseball. 2008 will be the last time this game takes place with Major League teams. (I’d write up a full history but the featured website does a great job, so head over there once your done.)

I agree with every point that’s been put forth pertaining to the “scheduling conflict”. Sure, its a bitch to traverse the roads into Cooperstown on a regular weekend, let alone the hall of fame celebrations. Should a little bit of traffic cancel 65+ years of tradition? For everyone that’s taken a go at the batting practice machines inside Doubleday, the park holds a bit of mystique and a soft-spot.

While checking the upstate New York milb baseball schedules I came across the Syracuse Skychiefs playing the Rochester RedWings at Doubleday on May 18th. I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if this becomes the full-time replacement. And I doubt we’ll see round the clock lineups.

Between revenue sharing, canceling all-star games, and frequent suspensions, it seems like the only tradition during Bud Selig’s regime is the almighty dollar.


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    The IL will be holding a Hall of Fame Game this year to celibrate their 125th year. May 18, two of the oldest teams, Syracuse and Rochester, will face off at Doubleday field.

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