Super Fantastic Interleague Preview!

Super Fantastic Inter-League Preview!

If anyone is interested in inter-League play on this upcoming “rivaly weekend” read this.

I hate interleague. It is useless and the hype sickens me. These rivalry weekends are already settled and I will tell you why.

Mets at Yankees

The Yankees are the Yankees and the Mets are the Mets. The Mets are the fourth greatest team to play in New York. The Mets are an afterthought. They exist because rush hour traffic is too heavy to make it to the Bronx from Brooklyn or Queens. Mets wish they were the Yankees. Their uniforms are not even original. They have Yankee stripes, Dodger Blue and Giant Orange. I notice they added black to their unis in the last couple of years. They did it and now they look worse than the Yanks do on the field as well.

Astros at Rangers

Does anyone who doesn’t live in Houston or Texas even know these teams exist? Who cares about this fauz rivaly. Half the players probably don’t even realise Arlington and Houston are in the same state. There have been 82 MLB seasons played in Texas with only one WS appearance to the credit of these sorry excuses of teams and rivals.

Nationals at Orioles

Neither team has fans go to their games but if Washington had fans they would go to Orioles games. Baltimore ran two Washington Senator teams out of the Nations capital and there is no reason for Washington to even think they are rivals. Maybe Peter Angelos has his hate on for Washington but the Orioles and their fans couldn’t care less. I don’t even think the media cares.

Dodgers at Angels

No comparison here. Dodger fans are noted for coming late and leaving early but the Dodgers pedigree outweighs the Angels by far. Angel fans are single dad’s who leave their kids at Disneyland during his weekend custody and goes and gets slopped up with his buddies and pick his kids up after. Also, Angel fans are guys who don’t know there are two teams in LA and go to Anaheim Stadium because they obviously don’t know the Dodgers exist.

Padres at Mariners

Somehow these teams became rivals. Maybe this is a holdover from PCL days. These cities can’t be anymore different and like the Astros and Rangers have amounted to nothing in decades of play. What a waste of time it is having these teams play each other.

Indians at Reds

No question. Cincinnati is a gem of a city while it is unclear whether Cleveland is still inhabited. The Reds are the oldest team and have a great tradition. It has been 60 years in Cleveland….

So, if any of these rivalries result in a Mets, Angels, Indians or Nationals sweep their opponets will still be better and the three games in the middle of May of 2008 will never make one side better than the other, so why even bother. Play more games against Intra league rivals.

Other so-called Rivals don’t even play on rivalry weekend. No A’s-Giants, Cards-Royals or Marlins-Rays. A Marlins-Rays matchup might be good. It would only sell out if it was played in Orlando with 10,000 capacity or maybe in Cuba.

I am accepting wagers that the Phillies, Marlins, Braves, Rockies and Giants all draw smaller crowds than they did on their previous homestand against other NL teams.

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  1. says: Tight PP

    Callum, you beat me to it. Its just a good thing those stinking Expos are gone, I hated the Expos, and for good reason…you know all the great history and tensions between them and the Jays.

    When they tryed to replace the “rivalry” series with Washington, that was even more useless.

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