Team USA Key to Canada’s Success and…

Team USA Key to Canada’s Success

Well it looks like Team USA was the Key to Canada’s success, at least at the box office for the WBC. Last night’s game against Italy drew under 13,000 fans. As we all know by now Saturday’s game vs the USA had over 42,000 in attendance.

Of course there are multiple factors that can help explain at least some of the attendance disparity. The first game was of course the first game. A Saturday will always draw more than a Tuesday evening. Team USA also had some supporters in the stands. Italy fans were hard to spot during the entire tournament.

Maybe the Jays can look to capitalize on the whole USA vs Canada gimmick during Scott Richmond starts. I remember the Expos would always add a few thousand fans to the stands in games started by French Canadians.

Pete Orr Strikes Again

With Canada rallying the fourth inning my new favorite player Pete Orr steps to the plate with the bases loaded and one out. Does he at least plate one run? Nope, he strikes out swinging. To add to my frustration Orr (a lefty) was facing a left-handed reliever. Come on Ernie, pull the number nine hitter for a better match-up.

New Bisons Logo

I don’t think I’ve covered this yet. This off-season the Buffalo offices changed major league affiliation from Cleveland to the NY Mets. Amongst other changes, the Bisons have a new logo.


Prospect Talk

John Sickels over at the great blog/website Minor League Ball wrote the following about Jays Prospect SS Tyler Pastornicky in his AL East Sleeper Prospect article yesterday:

A deep sleeper type, Pastornicky was a fifth round pick out of high school in Florida last year. He hit .263/.349/.356 in rookie ball, showing decent plate discipline but lacking power. However, he kept his strikeout rate low, stole 27 bases in 32 attempts, and has a good defensive reputation. He’s young, athletic, and commands the strike zone, qualities inherent in prospects who can sneak up on us. Power development will be his key.

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  1. says: Callum

    Ernie has got to go. He sat on his hands all game and the team paid the price. I expect to see Terry Puhl managing next WBC.

    Regarding the Bisons logo, it looks nice. Very detailed though, it will be interesting to see how it plays on a ballcap.

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