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Royce Clayton?

Apparently JP has signed 36 year old SS Royce Clayton in an attempt to shore up the middle infield, thus allowing Aaron Hill to stay at 2B, his better defensive position. The deal is for 1 year at 1.5 million and is pending a physical. Let’s hope Clayton does a Rod Barajas and refuses this physical, and here’s why.

First off, his career OBP is .313. JP, ever the on base nut (wait a minute, he tried to sign Barajas whose highest ever OBP in a season was a hair above .300, but I digress) must think that with the signing of Frank Thomas, he can afford to stick an all glove/no stick in SS and the 9 hole. But hold your hair grease JP, Royce Clayton is a broken down 36 year old man who I saw this season play for the Nationals and needed a cane to get on and off the field. For your SABR nerds, Clayton had the 3rd lowest Zone rating among National League Shortstops. Sounds like a no glove/no stick. Furthermore, he is going to get dominated on the FieldTurf the Jays are currently sporting. I think the Jays might be better off with Johnny Mac, which leads me to ask: What the hell is JP thinking? No interest in Counsell, but all over Clayton? First Barajas over Zaun, now this. I just don’t understand. Does anyone have the inside scoop as to JP’s master plan? Is it all salary related?

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  • He’s going on the cheap here to save $$$$ for Lilly. Pretty poor move, but I think that JP wanted something he could count on here. Clayton will suck, no doubt, but you know what your getting. Average to below average fielding, and a crappy bat. It’s a step up from 2006 Adams, but to save the $1 million plus, I would have given Adams another shoot.

  • Good luck with Clayton; I had to suffer through him for awhile. Unfortunately ,having Big Frank didn’t make up for his suckiness.