Toronto Blue Jays 1st Base Platoon Spinners

Toronto Blue Jays 1st Base Platoon Spinners


Yesterday we looked at the “spinners” of Lyle Overbay vs LHP & RHP. Today I performed some analysis amongst low cost free agents vs rhp. Of this group the best fit for the Jays turned out to be Emil Brown. He’s a low cost solution that hits LHP. I ran a cross analysis of Brown vs the recently acquired Jose Bautista and came to the conclusion that the Jays already have their man.

Spinner Explained: Spinners graphically show what a batter’s output is in percentage (%) terms during his trips to the plate. We use plate appearances and then calculate out the percentage of singles, doubles, triples, HR, BB+HBP (both will get you to first base without putting the ball in play) and outs (including flyouts, groundouts, strikeouts, ROE, SH & SF).

In 478 career plate appearances vs LHP, Bautista has proven that he should be given a regular platoon role at the MLB level. Below is a spinner of Bautista’s career vs LHP. Beside it (unmarked) is Overbay’s spinner vs RHP from the 2008 season.


The combined player look very good. In-fact, let’s compare the Bautista/Overbay career splits spinner vs the career spinner of Vernon Wells.


As you can see the combined Bautista/Overbay spinner stacks up very well with Vernon Wells. While Vernon does have a slight HR advantage, the combined spinner has a greater BB+HBP % (almost double) and a 4% lower out percentage, which in OBP terms works out to roughly 40+ points.

There we have it. A combined Overbay/Buatista platoon would yield one of the highest OPS’ on the entire team. Of course we can’t substitute in every situation but a combined OPS of close to .800+ with 20 HR & 80 RBI estimate is attainable.

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