Skippers on the Bubble II

Skippers on the Bubble II


Willie Randolph – New York Mets

Remember the meltdown last year? Willie is lucky to have a job this year. Mets have a huge payroll and continue to underachieve. They are playing .500 ball are in fourth place and sit 3.5 GB the Marlins. Randolph has recently gone to war with the New York media. He played the race card in how NY media treat African American bench bosses. If Willie is looking to keep his job he should not compare himself to Isiah Thomas or Herm Edwards.

Clint Hurdle – Colorado Rockies

Hurdle was on my list last year. The Rockies magical season, perhaps it could be called a magical 4 week streak, is over and so is Hurdle’s career as manager in Denver. The Rock is 18-29 and probably too far out to make the playoffs. Everyone knows this team now and this performance is unacceptable

John McLaren – Seattle Mariners

McLaren got his chance to be a bench boss last year and the M’s looked to be in the driver seat to the AL WC. They blew it. They added some stud free agents and the Mariners are in last place in the AL. McLaren should go back to being someone’s boy.

John Gibbons – Toronto Blue Jays

He was on my list last year as well. The Jays consistent inability to hit with runners on might cost this good manager his job.

Ozzie Guillen – Chicago White Sox

Yes, the ChiSox are in first place in the AL Central but the pressure seems to get to Ozzie now whenever anything goes wrong. The diminished strength of the ALC, which was suppose to be the strongest in baseball might keep Ozzie his job.

Bud Black – San Diego Padres

Remember the WC playoff game last year where he left Jake Peavey in to get hammered? The Padres weaknesses have caught up with them. They are on pace to score around 530 runs. The Giants were supposed to challenge for the all time low of runs scored but the Padres might beat them to it.

Jim Leyland – Detroit Tigers

Leyland seems to have free reign wherever he goes. He will probably quit first. But the Tigers are the biggest disappointment this year, by far.

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  • From last year, Hargove, Torre, Garner and Alou all lost their jobs, just as I predict although Hargrove was on different grounds as I predicted. Hurdle, Gibbons are on my list again and Manuel is safe according to me.