2007 MLB Season Predictions Collected

2007 MLB Season Predictions Collected


Kman here. With the season’s first pitch about an hour away as I write this, I’m going to stick by my guns and list all of my off-season predictions for the 2007 Major League Baseball campaign. I’ll revist this list during the all-star break to see how I did. My fearless prediction? I’m confident that I can hit on 75% – 80% of my off-season calls.




  • Octavio Dotel – 30+ saves
    Shane Victorino – 20+ steals
    Jeremy Sowers – 15+ wins
    Jimmy Rollins – Best year of career so far
    Adam Loewn – borderline 2007 all-star
    Jason Bay – 40 HR
    Jacob Ellsbury – in OF around August
    Freddy Sanchez – .320+ average
    Mark Teahan “ Strong offensive season, 90+ rbi, better statistically in 2007 than Alex Gordon.
    David Bush – EF ratio winner
    Scott Williamson – good value return on $900,000 salary


  • David Wright – low HR
    Carlos Quentin – Low HR per AB ratio
    Delmon Young – high avg (.285+), low HR & RBI totals due to age, lack of power development.
    Mastuzaka “ (Additional 4/1/07) “ 85+ BB™s, 25+ HR allowed in 2007
    Lance Berkman – sub 100 run total
    Gregg Zaun – minimum 15% drop in 2006 numbers
    Cardinals – miss the playoffs
    Reed Johnson – sub .300 BA
    Brandon Leauge – minimum 15% drop in 2006 numbers
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