AAA Roster and Potential Call-Ups


The Las Vegas 51’s season kicks off today. Here’s the roster and a list of players that could see time in the majors this season.

The 51’s are looking old, with only two position players and two pitchers under the age of 25 (Arencibia (24), Wallace (23), Ray Gonzalez (24), Cecil (24).

The roster consists of journeyman bats, a few top prospects and some ‘replacement level’ arms.

To see the full roster click 2010 Las Vegas 51’s Roster (.pdf opens in new window)

Looking forward, here is a list of the Jays current holes and potential call-ups from the 51’s roster.

Potential Call-Ups

C: Arencibia will only get a pre-September chance if he seriously controls his K’s or if Buck disappoints on his already low expectations. Raul Chavez is the logical call-up if Buck or Molina goes down in the next month or so.

3B: EE’s really flashing the leather, isn’t he? Unfortunately no real replacement exists on the current AAA roster. Campbell is down in AA but it’s questionable if he’ll ever slug enough to make it to the show. If EE really falters MLB replacements could include McCoy or Bautista. It’s too bad Wallace can’t cut it at 3B

SS: Gonzalez will most likely stick, even if he hits .225. Replacements are currently at the MLB level in McDonald & McCoy

Corner OF: If Bautista or Snider have a difficult time we could see a call-up. Leading candidates are Chris Lubanski and Jeremy Reed, although neither replacement inspires confidence

Pitchers: I expect numerous call-ups from the 51’s throughout the season, whether it’s due to inevitable injuries or ineffectiveness (or even possible deadline trades). Candidates to see time in the show this season in starting roles include Cecil, Mills, Ray and McGowan once/if he gets off the DL. Bullpen candidates include Roenicke, Carlson, Collazo and Purcey

Darkhorses: Players such as Dopirak and Hoffpauir are consider darkhorses simply due to the fact that they have nowhere to play. An injury or trade will have to go down before either sees time in Toronto

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  • Johnny Mac for 3B! Or at the very least, Mike McCoy.

    If you think EE’s glove is ugly, wait until you see Hoffpauir’s. Yikes. I hope we don’t have to see him up with the club.

    • Alain

      I’m all for putting in Johnny Mac at 3B, he hits as good as EE but stops anything that is hit at him, unlike our friend EE who has an average of an E a game…EEE