CJ Wilson Throws Gyro Ball

CJ Wilson Throws Gyro Ball

CJ Wilson GyroballCJ Wilson Gyro Ball

Texas Rangers reliever/closer CJ Wilson has learned to throw a Gyro Ball and is vowing to throw it in a game before the Spring is over. According to the evidence above, he already has thrown one.

[youtube aUHLU6adiOk]

The Gyro Ball explained, at all places, Moscow Baseball.

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  • Something like this makes me worry about Wilson heading into 2008. With all of his colored balls, DVDs and training videos he may spend way too much time on this gimmick pitch and negate the rest of his work. He’s only had one season of sub 4.00 ERA ball in the majors.

    I wonder if he was goofing around with the Gyro when he posted a 7.56 ERA with 13 hits in 8.1 IP during September of 2007.