Dirty Slide?

Dirty Slide?

Jays' 1B Lyle Overbay


Jays’ first baseman Lyle Overbay has got himself into a little controversy with Alex Cora. Here’s why.



Cora was flipped over by Overbay on a double-play that ended the eighth inning of a 5-3 Red Sox’s win at the Rogers Centre a week ago tomorrow. Overbay slid out of the baseline with his arms raised to break up the double play and Cora had to be restrained by teammate Dustin Pedroia. Cora said that he considered Overbay a “great guy,” but then said: “It (the play) was a tackle. I don’t mind if they go in hard but not with their arms up. You can’t reach back. For me, personally, it wasn’t a clean slide. That’s something I really don’t like in the game.” In other words, Cora is calling it a dirty play.


In response, Overbay was completely satisfied with his play, but acknowledged he knew Cora was upset. “It’s one of those things people are going to perceive differently, but I didn’t perceive it that way (as a dirty play),” Overbay said. “I put my hands in front of my face because I didn’t want his knee to hit me. I’ll do it again.”


To anyone who saw the game, did you think it was a dirty play? And is it “dirty” in general for a player to have his hands up during a slide, to protect himself or otherwise?


Red Sox IF Alex Cora

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6 replies on “Dirty Slide?”
  1. says: JoeArthur

    to clarify the description, Overbay’s raised arms were extended horizontally – it was a ‘rolling’ slide at an angle, with his feet passing over the edge of the base, his head close to the 6 feet to the outfield side, and his arms reaching back towards Cora’s legs, 7.5 or 8 feet from the base and well on the 1st base side of the bag. He did not try to “tackle” Cora, but he did try to slap his legs. If he was protecting his face, his elbows should have been down by his chest with forearms and hands in front of his face. Instead his elbows were over his head with hands near maximum reach. I didn’t think it was “dirty” in the sense of trying to cause injury, but I thought interference should have been called.

  2. says: RC

    Perfectly legit. Nobody goes in hard enough to the bases, think the only place to go spikes up or shoulder first is home plate?? No heart on these millionaires. When Dizzy Dean broke up a DP toss with his forehead to protect Pepper Martin all we was concerned about when he regained consciousness was if Pepper was safe. Next time Overbay should pop him in the pills on the way through

  3. says: Early

    It was not a dirty play and if it was suck it up. I like the pictures, Cora looks like a sissy jumping over a mudpuddle and is that Frank Thomas’ hand reaching in on Overbay’s Ball Bunny?

  4. says: Kman

    RC on the Mop Up, good times!

    I’d have to agree with everyone so far. As long as Overbay isn’t throwing a punch, kick or his batting helmet than it should fly. The last thing anybody needs is .245 career BA Alex Cora talking trash about a “dirty slide”.

  5. says: JoeArthur

    Well – I didn’t say the slide was legit – I said it wasn’t dirty. One of the replay angles made it clear that Overbay changed course from going straight to the base to going at a sharp angle toward Cora, after Cora had forced him out and crossed several feet off the bag. I think rule 7.09(f) should have been invoked and a double play called.

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