Jays Grapefruit League Coverage

Jays Grapefruit League Coverage

Grapefruit League

Hit up MopUpDuty.com this Sunday for live coverage of the game between the Toronto Blue Jays and Cincinnati Reds at 12:35 EST by yours truly.  I can’t promise any of my thoughts will be all that insightful or that entertaining, but it will be something……

In other news, Roy Halladay has weighed on on his choice for the Jays 5 man rotation in his typical non-verbal fashion.

And if there was any sense of anticipation about who will emerge as the Jays’ fifth starter this season it can be dispelled after a quick look at the clubhouse locker of Roy Halladay.

The ace of the staff, there is no question about Halladay’s spot in the rotation.

Taped above Halladay’s locker are the baseball cards of four other starters; A.J. Burnett, Dustin McGowan and Shaun Marcum, who are all locks as starters, along with — get ready for it – Jesse Litsch.

If I were a degenerate gambler like most of my acquaitances, I would bet it all on our little red faced friend being pencilled in as the 5th starter come opening day.

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  • An update on the baseball card situation:

    “They just showed up there. I had no hand in that,” Halladay said with a smile. Does that mean that Casey Janssen, another candidate, should be looking for his own card and some glue? “I’m sure (his) will be up there (today),” Halladay said.