JP on AJ Burnett: He’s a psycho bitch

JP on AJ Burnett: He’s a psycho bitch

JP think's AJ is a mental case



We’ve all known the kind of person in life, whether it be family, friends or work associates, that is constantly playing the blame game with others, accepting no personal responsibility for anything that goes on around them, quick to celebrate even the tiniest of victories, and quickly distancing themselves from any defeat. This my friends, is JP Ricciardi to a tee.

Earlier this week, JP went on the Fan 590, a Toronto based sports station.  (For disclosures sake, the radio station is owned by the same media company that owns the Blue Jays themselves. Think they’ll give JP a hard time? I didn’t think so either.) When the topic of AJ Burnett came up, JP was quick to question Burnett’s make-up. Here’s a selection of quotes:

“I don’t know if it’s psychological,” Ricciardi said on the FAN. “I don’t know if … he gets to a point where he feels something (and) he’s so scarred from being hurt so many times that he just backs off.”
“I think any guy who goes through an injury and has been injured a lot … well, they all fight through that.
“There’s times where guys just don’t know. They’ve been hurt so much they just shut it down. It’s probably their way of saying, `Hey, I better just take care of it.’

So maybe he’s a mental case who doesn’t want to play? He should €œman up€ and just get on with. Paraphrasing, but that’s what I get from the quotes.

During this interview no one, not the hosts, nor the fans, brought up the real facts that are most likely the reasoning behind AJ’s injury woes.

Here’s some straight up facts:

Going in, the Blue Jays had full knowledge of AJ Burnett’s past injuries. He’d had surgery, and frankly, they threw his arm off in Florida.

During his first season with the Jays, AJ was hurt again with an arm injury.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out heading into this season that AJ has to be babied on the mound. Strict pitch counts, occasionally giving him an extra days rest in-between starts, and easing up on his on the side throwing, these would all be prudent ways in trying to keep AJ healthy throughout the regular season.

What do the Jays do? Going back to our June 18th article on AJ getting hurt, we’ll cut and paste some pre-injury pitch counts;

Pitch Counts of AJ Burnett over the past seven starts: 118, 103, 103, 125, 117, 130, 82 (injury game)
That’s your answer right there JP. You’ve abused Burnett’s arm. The stupidity of yourself and manager John Gibbons for allowing these kinds of pitch counts, along with not giving him extra days of rest is the cause of the current injury. Will anything get done at the end of the day? (ie JP gets axed.) No, JP isn’t going anywhere. Maybe he thinks his €œget tough€ comments will rally AJ and the team. The reality is, he has shot off about players & the ball club on a monthly basis for the past six seasons, with no results.

JP, it’s time to look in the mirror when it comes to the AJ Burnett blame game.

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6 replies on “JP on AJ Burnett: He’s a psycho bitch”
  1. says: Callum

    Wow, I come back to typical JP shit. Apparently JP said that Burnett just needs to get over a “hump” to which Burnett replied that losing 10mph off his fastball with pain in his shoulder is going to be quite a large hump to get over. My take is that with AJ getting closer to his opt out year JP is trying to force his hand so that he can weasel his way out of the 4th and 5th years of his contract. JP said that if he had known how well McGowan, Marcum and Litsch (Litsch!?!?!) would pitch then he wouldn’t have signed Burnett in the first place. Championship teams are not built on AA callup arms.

  2. says: Kman

    True dat. Basically, “if i’d known that I could acquire talent through the draft & system instead of laying down $10 mill a year I would have.”

    I agree about the minor league arm scenario. Marcum is going to have a tough time going through the league a 2nd and 3rd time with an 87 MPH fastball. The Indians proved that yesterday. Litsch is getting one of the worst rush jobs I’ve seen in a while. McGowan has nasty stuff, and just needs time. Whether he’ll get it done in the T-dot or do it elsewhere like Carpenter & Bush is another issue altogether.

    At the all-star break, he’s paying close to $1 million per HR for Thomas and Wells. Sucks to be a Jays fan, close to .500 every year with no playoff chances come September 1st.

  3. says: Early

    Jays hitting has been screwing them since May. Players typcially want to perform in their contract years. AJ being hurt decreases his chances on getting Meche like pay. That should be enough to keep him from man-ing through it like JP said. Maybe he wants to get Burnett out of town. But Burnett has been exactly what they expected, a solid second starter for 20-25 games per year. Kman– you listening to the fan these days???

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