Live Game Notes — BJ is a Bust

 Live Game Notes — BJ is a Bust

I have never been so mad leaving a sporting event in my life as today’s Jays 10-7 loss to the Detroit Tigers and the Rogers Centre.  I have been trying to settle down before writing this review but this might stir up some bad memories.

Is Royce Clayton all bat or all glove?  So far he seems like neither.  Russ Adams can make the errors he makes and ground into the DP’s like he does…no wait, Russy will strike out saving that runner on first.  I also think Russ Adams can assume that a ball is a HR that isn’t and forget his defensive responsibilities just as well as super vet Clayton.   

Has BJ Ryan lost it?  I saw him live on Wednesday and he was dominant but this was his second blown save in four chances this year.  Today he looked very Aqualino Lopezesque, which translates to terrible.  He could not find the strikezone and needed Jeremy Accardo to finish what he couldn’t.  Embarrassing for all involved. 

This was a heartbreaker of a game to lose.  The Jays had fought hard to keep the lead and Burnett had a better outing than he had in previous starts.  He was able to incur strikeouts and popups to get out of jams but his jams were still a plenty. 

Good to see Vernon Wells hit a homerun with runners on.  Time to see The Big Hurt get a hit.  He looked terrible at the plate, as bad as Royce in the field and BJ on the mound.

Rios must have problems communicating with other fielders and it showed again today when he and Aaron Hill couldn’t decide who wants to make a catch and as a result noone did. 

Adam Lind is back with the big club with Reed Johnson on the DL and picked up where he left off in 2006 going 3-for-5 and playing left field.

That is it for now.  I am not usually this passionate.  I am glad to be able to get that out, therapeutic.  Check back tomorrow when I will recap the finale for the Tigers and Jays series.    


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5 replies on “Live Game Notes — BJ is a Bust”
  1. says: Kman

    More heavy bullpen work, time for concern. Both Janssen & Frasor threw over 30 pitches.

    Question: If Thomas continues to sport the super-slow bat & seemingly poor plate approach and Lind hits the cover off of the ball, do you replace the Big Hurt with Lind once Reed comes back?

    Practical: Yes
    Realisitc: No, JP paid too much $$$$ for this to happen.

    JP has given big $$$ contracts to AJ, Ryan & Frank in the FA market. Right now, none are paying off in 2007. The best part? All of the contracts are backloaded, so have fun dealing any of these guys without eating the majority of the $$$.

    The core that’s producing is left over from the Ash days…

  2. says: Baseball Wizard

    Don’t the Jays have some kind of Major League record for paying top dollar for closers, who have had trouble closing a box of corn flakes. Wasn’t there a big money closer, maybe even two of them over the years from the Athletics Billy ?, and Bill ?

    But as the Kman often says, “. J.P.’s not perfect.

    Surprised Kman hasn’t had some womens group demanding he
    change his name to Kperson.

  3. says: Stoeten

    BJ: By now we all know that there’s something wrong with his elbow. He’ll be fine, simmer down.

    Thomas: Thomas too. Look at his April numbers from last year. This is how it works with him. Let’s not get crazy.

    The core being from the Ash days: Do you mean Wells and Rios (and I guess Johnson)? Aaron Hill, AJ Burnett, the whole bullpen, Overbay (who, yes, is slumping), and pretty much everyone else save for Halladay is a Ricciardi guy. The pining for Ash that goes on in this town is just ridiculous.

    Cool blog, check out ours! (

  4. says: Kman

    Thanks for the comments. Now for the Ash vs JP stuff;

    Hill is a decent 1st round pick but he’s not going to hit .400 all season. He’s a decent, .290 type hitter with good D (at 2nd), and limited power. His pick vs production is working out at an even level, but with some upside.

    AJ has been a bust. He’s hurt each season and has yet to produce vs his overall contract in $$$ terms.

    Overbay is a great player but cost the Jays Bush. Overbay is about a $5 – $6 million a year player on the FA market. Bush would command about $10 million, so I chalk that trade up as a loss for the Jays.

    Don’t get me started on Hudson vs Glaus trade, in terms of production or in salary…

    The bullpen is pitching well so far, but Marcum & Jansen are unproven commodities at the MLB level and in full time bullpen roles. Frasor was a good pickup for JP, but on the whole I’m still not sold on the bullpen.

    I don’t think comparing this group of moves against Ash’s Wells, Rios, Halladay, & Johnson can make JP look good. I’m not saying bring back Gord Ash but sooner or later Jays fans have to wake up to the reality that the team is mostly comprised of a Gord Ash core of solid, in house developed talent, along with JP’s group of underachieving high salary FA’s, expensive (in terms of return players) trades, and low ceiling, stop gap solution college draft picks.

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