Top 10 Toronto Blue Jays Twitter Accounts

Top 10 Toronto Blue Jays Twitter Accounts


We’re gearing up for the 2009 season. We’ve already looked at the Top 20 Jays RSS Feeds. Now its time to check out the Top 10 Toronto Blue Jays Twitter Accounts.

(As with the RSS article if we’ve missed you let us know in the comments (put the website url as your twitter account) and we’ll add you to the bottom of the list)

If you have no earthly idea what Twitter is you can check out this two minute video

[youtube ddO9idmax0o]

Voting for ourselves on this list is like J.P. voting for GM of the year. Here’s our twitter account


Top 10 Jays Twitter Accounts

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  • There is clearly a ton of quality Blue Jays Twitter accounts.

    Looking forward to a season full of twitterage.